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Neon Lights Festival (Part 2)

A weekend in Singapore filled with music, arts and family fun for everyone!

by Sara Nabila Harris

Although the festival is targeted at 24 to 30 year-olds, Declan explained he felt it was important for the festival to be family friendly. Since many of the people the festival attracts have kids, they shouldn’t have to choose between going to an awesome festival and spending time with their kids –at Neon Lights they could do both! Which is exactly what the Marios family from France decided to do. Papayiannis and Dalila spent a Sunday doing something their family of four could enjoy together. 

The Marios family enjoying a day together at Neon Lights.

Face painting seemed to a be crowd favourite, not just amongst the little ones.

From Left to Right: Artists Keith (insta:@spazak), Natalie (insta:@cloudhedd), Mandy (insta:@averinewyou), and Farid (insta:@freeddraws) face painted the masses on both days.

In addition to face painting there was a host of other visual arts on display including graffiti, wood carvings, sculptures and other installations. It seemed like everywhere on the festival grounds had something beautiful for me to admire, whether it was art, buildings, or nature surrounding Fort Canning itself.

Xin and Benita from Singapore came to see international acts and take pictures around Fort Canning.

SPAZ, a local graffiti artist expressed to me how she appreciated the festival's support for arts like graffiti, because it’s difficult for graffiti artists to find places to display their art. 

Graffiti mural by (alphabetically) ANTZ, DEM, ROK, SPAZ AND TRACE. 

Felix Lim, a local sculptor showing me how to carve a simple design.

Despite the rain and mud, I and other festival goers had a great time. Both days were packed with so many things to see and do – there was never a dull moment! 

Sara Nabila Harris

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