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Here at GOASEAN, we take the mission of showing you the many different wonders of the ASEAN region seriously, and the best way to do this is by allowing you to enjoy our very own original shows. Listed here are shows that have been developed exclusively by and for the GOASEAN Channel, along with brief tastes of what each show offers.

The Halal Foodie

Papi Zak, Malaysia’s biggest comedian without a belt notch to spare, is on a one-man mission to find the best Halal eats in the ASEAN region. From spicy street delicacies in Bangkok to gourmet French cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, Papi Zak will try it all. Just as long as it’s Halal, that is!

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The Eco Traveller

Join Rovilson Fernandez, The Eco Traveller, as he travels across Southeast Asia to show you what green, sustainable, social tourism is all about. As a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Ambassador, Rovilson's goal is to make environmental issues easily understood by every man. Tag along as he checks out the best eco-tourism spots and attractions in the region, while equipping you with some practical green travel tips.

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Go Travel

GO TRAVEL is GOASEAN's hottest new travel show, available exclusively on the GOASEAN travel channel. It's your one stop guide to travelling in the region, in which our hosts will share travel tips and inspire you with their exciting adventures.

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Go Fast or Go Home

From racing in long tail boats that go up to 100mph in Thailand to trying to keep his seat on a wild bull in a village race in Indonesia, Daniel has only two days to master traditional sports and races before being put to the test in a final adrenaline pumping race. It's either Go Fast, or Go Home.

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