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Rice dishes of Southeast Asia

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Rice dishes of Southeast Asia

Now, who doesn’t love some fried rice? We here at GOASEAN like ours topped with a perfectly done sunny side up. Along the same grain, there are other types of Southeast Asian food which also heroes the one ingredient we love most, rice!


1. Banh Chung, Viet Nam


Source: Shutterstock

This hearty cake is made with glutinous rice, pork and mung beans. These ingredients are then wrapped in bamboo leaves and left to boil.


2. Bibingka, Philippines


Source: Shutterstock

Made with coconut milk and eaten as a desert, this rice cake is usually enjoyed during Christmas. We’re sure Santa would not mind a second helping of these treats.


3. Khao Lam, Thailand


Source: Shutterstock

This Thai dessert is certainly not to be missed. Sticky rice is mixed with sugar, along with red beans and coconut cream. By cooking it inside a bamboo, this creates a beautiful custard-like texture.


4. G ỏi Cuốn, Viet Nam


Source: Food Maps Instagram

The Vietnamese version of spring rolls uses rice paper to make the outer skin. Along with a sweet chili sauce, this is the perfect tea time snack.


5. Serabi, Indonesia


Source: Shutterstock

These light and fluffy pancakes made with rice flour are great for weekend breakfast ideas, or just grab them on the go as you’re walking down the streets in Indonesia.


6. Lao Lao, Lao PDR

Source: Flickr

Made with fermented sticky rice, and sold under 1 USD, this homemade whiskey with a 40-45% alcohol percentage would probably not allow you to ‘keep walking’ in a straight line.


Fun fact:

Source: Shutterstock

In the Philippines, rice is thrown during weddings as it symbolises fertility. That probably explains why the Philippines has the second largest population in Southeast Asia :).

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Written by Sandeep Dhanoa

Sandeep Dhanoa is a content intern at GOASEAN, is pursuing a major in Communications at Monash University Malaysia. KL born and bred, Sandeep believes “tomato ketchup should no longer exist in our lives”.

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