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27th April 2015

Prime Minister of Malaysia Unveils GOASEAN at 26th ASEAN Summit Launch

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Najib Abdul Razak unveiled the GOASEAN travel channel to the assembled leaders of all ASEAN countries at the opening ceremony of the 26th ASEAN Summit on 27 April 2015.

As the world’s first ASEAN-focused travel channel, GOASEAN aims to bring the hidden gems of each ASEAN member state and present it together to the world as a single destination waiting to be explored, with the aim of modelling ASEAN after the success of Europe as a single tourist destination.

After Prime Minister Najib’s opening address for the 26th ASEAN Summit, GOASEAN travel hosts, Jonathan Putra and Amelia Henderson took to the stage to introduce GOASEAN to all ASEAN Summit attendees. This was followed by a video presentation highlighting the unique features of the GOASEAN travel channel.

It was the first time GOASEAN was presented to the leaders of all 10 ASEAN countries. After the grand unveiling, it received encouraging support and plenty of enthusiasm from everyone present.

GOASEAN will broadcast the unique tourism products and services of each individual ASEAN country to every corner of the globe, spurring the growth of the ASEAN travel industry. It will also promote intra-ASEAN travel, enhance mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s culture and heritage, and ultimately, contribute to the region’s financial and social wellbeing.

GOASEAN is spearheaded by Malaysia from its commencement as it is an initiative directed by Malaysia during its position as Chairman of ASEAN in 2015.

According to Prime Minister Najib, “GOASEAN’s true potential of establishing tourism as a key ASEAN economic driver can only be achieved through support and active participation by ASEAN member countries from its inception. GOASEAN provides multiple and far reaching promotional platforms to showcase ASEAN as a globally competitive destination of leisure and commerce, supported by world-class infrastructure. Closer to home, GOASEAN will also lead to a greater connected ASEAN, one that benefits and brings together our people as one, forging a people-centric ASEAN that is not only united, but one that also thrives.”

GOASEAN has the potential of reaching 600 million viewers in ASEAN in its second year, and a further 7.4 billion global viewers by the time it turns three, and it will be the ideal platform to showcase the strength and world class infrastructure of the ASEAN region.

GOASEAN will broadcast 24/7, 365 days a year from various platforms, primarily IPTV, Mobile, DTH and digital platforms–starting with Malaysia’s Astro Channel 737 in June 2015. GOASEAN has been set up with the ambition of becoming the leading regional travel channel and gaining global recognition as the go-to platform for travel in ASEAN.

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