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5th March 2015

GOASEAN Special Unveiling @ ITB Berlin

We are truly excited with the overwhelming response we received during the special unveiling of GOASEAN. Those in attendance include the heads of each ASEAN member country’s National Tourism Organisation (NTO) and members of the media from all around the world.

Get your GOASEAN postcards at each ASEAN member country booth and discover the unique wonders of ASEAN. You’ll thank us for it!

Heads of ASEAN National Tourism Organisations share a laugh during the launch.

The Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Y.Bhg Dato’ Dr. Ong Hong Peng is very happy to share GOASEAN’s plans for global recognition with the audience.

The heads of ASEAN National Tourism Organisations are all excited to be on stage to show their unwavering support for GOASEAN.

United in diversity: Heads of ASEAN National Tourism Organisations stand together in making the dream of a ‘People-Centred ASEAN’ a reality.

We are very excited to initiate our first ever #GOASEAN Selfie Contest right here in Berlin with our friends from all around the world.

Join the #GOASEAN Selfie Contest and make your dream ASEAN holiday come true.

Members of the international media and our friends from all around ASEAN are having some light refreshments and sharing their love of ASEAN at our booth.

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