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30th June 2016

GOASEAN Presents Leading Edge New Shows to Tempt Globe-Trotters

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17 November 2015 – GOASEAN, the world’s first ASEAN-centric multi-platform travel channel, unveiled a new range of Malaysian-produced and original concept travel programmes to promote the beauty and mystery of Southeast Asia’s exotic destinations to globe trotters.

The must-see new programmes, due to be aired on GOASEAN next year, were recently showcased at the prestigious MIPCOM in Cannes, France and TIFFCOM 2015 in Japan, as well as the GOASEAN Upfronts 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to industry players such as television stations and programme buyers. The programmes showcased earned GOASEAN strong reviews for the quality of its content in highlighting the attractions of the ten ASEAN countries. The featured programmes were from different travel-related genres such as food, leisure pursuits, sports, comedies and even horror.

The company also launched its GOASEAN mobile application for content streaming, and online travel booking system LetsGoNow.

The Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, said in a statement that he was proud to see how far and fast the multi-platform ASEAN travel content channel had come since its broadcast launch in June this year.

GOASEAN aims to engage viewers, support tourism and help drive the economy in ASEAN. The original travel programmes as well as the online and mobile platforms for watching content and booking travel make GOASEAN a one-stop channel for everything travel-related in ASEAN.

“The next step is to elevate the participation of our member ASEAN communities. If we increase their contribution to content development, GOASEAN can become one of the mobilisation tools towards building a people-centred ASEAN and moving the region forward. GOASEAN also aims to be a platform for young and upcoming talents across Southeast Asia, giving them an opportunity to grow and gain experience by collaborating with the channel to produce quality content,” the Prime Minister added.

The company said that more new programmes are already being produced and will be aired in 2016.

International viewers can now easily watch these exciting new shows on GOASEAN’s recently launched mobile application that allows users to download and stream travel programmes under the badge GOASEAN.  The GOASEAN mobile app can be downloaded for free on Apple smartphones, with access on Android to be made available soon.

Once viewers are captivated by the exciting Southeast Asia destinations, they can immediately book their holidays through GOASEAN’s LetsGoNow online travel booking system.  The booking system easily allows users to reserve flights, hotels, airport transfers and in the future, tours throughout the ASEAN region. Travellers and tourists will be able to plan and optimise their time and budget, adding more value to their overall ASEAN travelling needs and experience.

International travellers can now get a sneak peek of the sensational new pilot programmes immediately on www.goasean.com/upfronts or download the mobile app GOASEAN, and watch them on-the-go.

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