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Original Series

Our extensive collection of GOASEAN original series showcases Southeast Asia’s unparalleled beauty, rich history, diverse cultural traditions, and delectable culinary delights. Join us on a one-of-a-kind non-stop journey to discover where to go and what to do across this stunning region!

Original Series

GOASEAN Original Series

  • We Are Family

    Going on vacation is a family affair! Discover fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Get closer to nature with a visit to Sungai Janggut, an old fisherman’s village in Selangor; wonder at Kuala Selangor’s “Sky Mirror”; uncover how to harvest and shuck oysters in Pulau Angsa; and learn…


    Say I do to extravagance! Escape to Phuket, Thailand for the destination wedding of your dreams. Join industry experts as they guide you through a spectacular special day and an indulgent romantic couple’s getaway.


    Malaysia’s biggest comedian (in size!), Papi Zak is on a mission to find the best halal eats across Southeast Asia. From spicy mouth-tingling street delicacies in Bangkok to indulgent gourmet French cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, Papi Zak will try it all! Just as long as it’s Halal.


    Journey off the beaten track to uncover eco-tourism hotspots and attractions. Rovilson Fernandez travels across Southeast Asia to show you what green, sustainable, social tourism is all about. Discover local environmentally conscious movements and meet the passionate people behind them.

  • TEE UP

    Tee Up is your hole-in-one guide to find premium golf destinations across Southeast Asia! From the winding greens of Danang to the picturesque courses of Lao PDR, find the best hotel stays and incredible attractions on par with gorgeous courses nearby for your ultimate golf getaway!


    Journey into the belly of Southeast Asia’s bustling cities to discover food heaven after dark! Join local personalities as they discover a world of satisfying evening meals and seductive midnight snacks.


    Join Josiah Hogan as he investigates Southeast Asia’s most intriguing mysteries. Sifting for the truth in the murky depths of old wives’ tales, legends and myths, Josiah uncovers bizarre stories of shrouded corpses or ‘Pocongs’ in Johor, Malaysia; magical dolls called “jenglots” in Surabaya, Indonesia; and the legend of The…


    Wedding planner Jeanette Skelton makes Bella and Joe’s dreams come true on their special day with a breath-taking destination wedding at The Naka Island in Phuket Thailand. Happily ever after begins in paradise!


    Fishing newbie, Qi Razali and legendary angler, Pak Mud go on spectacular fishing adventures across the bountiful waters of Southeast Asia! Qi and Pak Mud explore local activities on shore, before heading to the coastline for an exciting, unpredictable journey. Navigating the seas in a variety of vessels and experimenting…


    You’ve left your friends behind and disconnected from the digital world. How would you cope without the convenience of today’s common travel aids? Join Nadiyah Shahab as she gets whisked away to different cities across Southeast Asia without her trusty gadgets. Guided by mysterious messages in bottles, she must solve…


    Papi Zak and Razif Hashim go on a feel-good, laugh-out-loud journey, embracing life’s simple pleasures everywhere they go! Join this hilarious comedy duo as they immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Southeast Asia to find out just what makes people happy. Papi and Razif’s laugh-along journey brings you…


    Travel Southeast Asia in style! Showcasing the crème de la crème of luxury experiences in Bali, Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Jogjakarta, Bintan, and Jakarta, get an inside look at exclusive luxury resorts, fine dining restaurants, and world-class activities. Discover indulgent dream vacations and extraordinary destinations, from 5-star stays in Bali to…


    GOASEAN’s action-packed flagship show continues to explore Southeast Asia like never before! The hosts of GO Travel are always up for an adventure, uncovering hidden destinations, immersing themselves with local culture, indulging in delicious foods, trying new activities, as well as meeting travel-industry hotshots. Excitement is always in the air!…


    Professional racer, Daniel Woodroof goes head to head with local champions in incredible traditional races! With the help of an experienced coach, Daniel only has two days to master each traditional sport before he competes with the champion. Whether it’s zipping through waters at 100mph in a long tail boat…


    Did you know Southeast Asia’s oldest Paleolithic native died from a tooth ache? Uncover the history behind 11,000 year-old Perak Man, the oldest Paleolithic skeleton discovered outside of Africa in this exciting series. Wonder at the revered but endangered hornbills in Royal Belum State Park, the only forest where all…


    Food Maps is your guide to delicious Southeast Asian culinary delights! Find authentic mouth-watering specialties with local personalities, as they reveal their favourite dishes and where to find them. Discover how regional delicacies are prepared, the key ingredients that make them so tasty, and the best ways to enjoy them!


    Experience the Kechak dance in Bali, Indonesia Kechack. This Balinese dance and drama attracts audiences from around the world.


    This year, we’re celebrating 50 golden years of The Association of Southeast Asian Nations! In partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat’s ASEAN@50 campaign, GOASEAN presents Beat of Southeast Asia. A collection of 50 video capsules that showcase the region through exploring uniquely Southeast Asian activities, food, language, people, places, and things.…

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