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GOASEAN is banding with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific!

Primetime slots have been given to our Award-Winning Original Series on Discovery Asia

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GOASEAN is banding with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific!

Primetime slots have been given to our Award-Winning Original Series on Discovery Asia

GOASEAN is synonymous with exploration. It has been the core of our identity —and no one else does it quite like we do. From rich history to the diverse cultural traditions, and delectable culinary delights, GOASEAN delivers an extensive collection of original series showcasing Southeast Asia’s unparalleled beauty.

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific has long been driven by the spirit of exploration and believes in global quality and local relevance when it comes to telling stories. Discovery Asia shares our passion for exploring the region. We also share a deep sense of responsibility to bring together the best that Asia has to offer.

This month, we’re pleased to announce that we are banding with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific to unify the efforts of our two organizations!

Discovery Network Asia-Pacific Director of Content Curation Rohit Tharani (second from left), and GOASEAN Senior Vice President Edwin Raj shake hands at Discovery Network Asia-Pacific HQ in Singapore.

We have enrolled into an agreement with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific to broadcast our programmes across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong on Discovery Asia channel! GOASEAN will premiere on Discovery Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific’s first fully dedicated Asia-focused channel, bringing viewers on an in-depth journey of Asia at its best and most wondrous. Four of GOASEAN’s original series that can be watched on Discovery Asia are Go Fast or Go Home, Strange Encounters, The Halal Foodie and Supper Heroes.


GOASEAN collaborating with Discovery will allow audiences to uncover Southeast Asia’s best. GOASEAN’s content will provide viewers across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with highlights of the region’s travel treasures and help promote Southeast Asia’s attractions, food, and culture, hence driving growth in tourism arrivals and the tourism industry in the region. We couldn’t be more excited to have Discovery Networks join us on our journey!

You can also watch GOASEAN’s original series anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on tonton, Malaysia’s first and largest homegrown video streaming service and dimsum, a Malaysian subscription-based-video-on-demand (VOD).

Catch Go Fast or Go Home on Discovery Asia every Monday at 9.00 pm (SEA) and 8.00pm (BKK/JKT), Strange Encounters every Wednesday at 9.23 pm (SEA) and 8.23pm (BKK/JKT), The Halal Foodie every Tuesday at 9.00pm (SEA) and 8.00pm (BKK/JKT) and Supper Heroes every Tuesday at 9.23pm (SEA) and 8.23pm (BKK/JKT).


Written by Nur Emy Syahira

Nur Emy Syahira, a.k.a. Emy is a brand intern at GOASEAN. A fresh grad who majored in Journalism at the University of Selangor, Emy loves traveling, sightseeing, listening to music, and browsing the internet. Her life motto is ‘do what makes you happy’.

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