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Jayakarta, or ‘victorious city’—from Prince Fatahillah in the 1500s.


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    32 °C

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    Indonesian rupiah

The canvas of cultures, faces and colours that is Jakarta has been in existence since the 12th century, It received its original name—Jayakarta, or ‘victorious city’—from Prince Fatahillah in the 1500s, and has lived up to this title ever since with its rapid development and integral role as Indonesia’s capital. It is by no means an unexciting place, though, as the city is especially reputed for its vibrant nightlife and vast variety of shopping destinations. Throw in some delectable dishes and impressive landmarks, and you have a city that promises an enjoyable time for all.

Must do in JAKARTA

Here are the places for you to eat, shop, see or do. Explore them!

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