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A country that's proud of its independence and rich cultural heritage. The country is famous for its majestic Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, mouth-watering cuisine, beautiful beaches and islands, and world-class hospitality. It is the only Southeast Asian nation never colonised by a European nation.

About Thailand

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    27.98 °C

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    Thai baht

Nicknamed the ‘City of Angels’, Bangkok–or Krung Thep–certainly does not shy away from living up to its status as Thailand’s capital. It was founded in 1782, and has since developed into a prime location for political, economic and cultural affairs. Locals consider the city to be a present-day embodiment of the Thai spirit of ‘sanuk’–that is, fun. It is also famous for being the city with arguably the longest full name in the world, spanning over a total of 160 characters.

Must do in Thailand

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