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Best Places to Fish in Southeast Asia

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Best Places to Fish in Southeast Asia

Looking for a getaway with the boys? How about some good ol’ quality family time? Or maybe you’re a lone wolf looking to do some soul searching? No matter what, if you’re considering a fishing trip be sure to check out these beautiful locations for a nautical adventure out into the open sea.


Tioman, Malaysia

Casting your lures into the pristine turquoise waters of Tioman is an experience like no other. This gorgeous paradise is rich in marine life and it offers everyone a treat, as it serves up something special for both professional and amateur anglers. While you’re here, catch a ferry to Kuala Rompin, and compete in the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge. This ‘catch and release’ competition gives you the perfect chance to get your hands on some massive Sailfish as these waters are known to be the natural migration paths for this species.


Phuket, Thailand

One of the most popular islands in Thailand, known for its nightlife, picture-perfect beaches, and an array of underwater species, Phuket is a hotspot among fishermen. Head out to the Andaman Sea to experience the very best of the fishing scene and put your skills to the test in the Phuket Sportfishing Tournament in November. While there are plenty of fish in the sea, you may have to wait a little longer to get your hands on the prized catch of the Black and Blue Marlin, but it sure is worth it!


Maluku, Indonesia

With cloves and nutmeg growing in abundance in the 16th century, the Maluku Islands or Moluccas sparked European interest in trade within the region. In a bid to promote this spot as a ‘World Fishing Destination’, the region’s Spice Islands recently held the Widi International Fishing Tournament (WIDF) in October 2017. This is the largest international fishing tournament to be held in Indonesia. If you missed your chance to compete, rest assured there’s still plenty to catch as the Banda Sea thrives with Giant Trevally and Grouper.


Siargao, Philippines

Located 800 kilometres north of Manila, this rather laid-back island accommodates enchanting lagoons, endless rice fields and lush mangrove forests. Siargao is also a well-known game fishing destination among locals and it hosts the 8th Pilar Sport Fishing Cup, which is set to take place on 26th – 28th April 2018. So, fetch your gear as the Wahoo is the prized catch in these waters. To unwind after a long day, catch the waves and soak in the sun, sea and sand in this tropical paradise.


Koh Rong, Cambodia

The second largest island in Cambodia, Koh Rong was the set of the popular reality series, Survivor. Located in the Sihanoukville province, the island’s exciting marine life certainly is one to be explored, especially with its crystal-clear waters making it ideal for snorkelling. As for deep-sea fishing, cast your line into the ocean and be rewarded with good-size Snapper, Pompano and Barracuda. If that does not float your boat, then go hunting for one of the largest freshwater fishes on earth, the Mekong catfish!


Cham Islands, Viet Nam

Recognised as a biosphere reserve, this exotic cluster of islands are a must visit for divers and anglers alike. While others go hunting for the prized possession of bird’s nests, fishermen cast their lures to land the catch of the day. When you’re exploring the Cham Islands, keep your eyes out for Tarpon and Cod, with one of those on your plaque, you’ll no longer have to fish for compliments.

With clear blue waters and an ocean of possibilities, a fishing expedition in these Southeast Asian destinations are sure to be Off the Hook!

Images from Shutterstock and GOASEAN

Written by: Sandeep Dhanoa

Sandeep Dhanoa is a content intern at GOASEAN, is pursuing a major in Communications at Monash University Malaysia. KL born and bred, Sandeep believes “tomato ketchup should no longer exist in our lives”.


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