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Adventure with Adventoro!

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Adventure with Adventoro!

GOASEAN is happy to announce our new partnership with Adventoro! With so many things to eat, see, and do in Southeast Asia, booking a tour is one of the best ways to experience as much as you can with the precious time you have. Adventoro is an adventure-based tours and activities platform that offers more than 500 tours and activities for you to uncover.

With an extensive collection of tours and activities, booking with Adventoro is effortless. Not only is their platform informative, it’s easy to navigate. Their responsive service is available for contact via Whatsapp messaging, email, telephone calls and an online chat so you can be sure you know everything you need to know before taking off on your adventure!

Here are 6 Awesome Adventoro Adventures:

1. Uncover Ubin Island

With the guidance of a skilled instructor, kayak your way from the north to the south end of Ubin Island! This small island offers beautiful views and an opportunity to spot wildlife such as wild boars and deer just a short distance from Singapore’s city center.

2. Hunt for Rare Rafflesias

Gading National Park is home to the largest flower species in the world, the Rafflesia! Trek through the lush forest to hunt for the rare flower in bloom. The park also features a waterfall trail which winds its way up through the forest past a series of breath-taking waterfalls.

3. Devour Delicious Durians

If you love ‘The King of Fruits’, this tour is a durian dream come true. Sample as much durain as your heart desires, while learning about the strange fruit’s different shapes, colours, sizes, textures and smells!

4. Climb Colossal Caves

A UNESCO world heritage area, Gunung Mulu National Park is 52,864-hectare park containing seventeen vegetation zones and over 3,500 species of vascular plants. If you crave adventure, explore the park’s mesmerising caves for an exciting escapade.

5. Make Beautiful Batik Blouses

A Southeast Asian technique, Batik is the art of applying wax-resist dye to cloth. Create floral, geometrical, and paisley patterns. After your class, visit Beserah Fishing Village to discover how their local delicacy, salted fish, is processed.

6. Explore Singapore After Sunset 

Head to Merlion Park at dusk to see the mighty Merlion sculpture in all its glory! Stroll through the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay, then wind down for the night at Smoke and Mirrors bar with a Singapore Sling, a yummy fruity cocktail named after the city!

Start planning your trip here!

Images: used under license from Shutterstock

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