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8 Must-Have Items for Tech-Loving Travellers

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8 Must-Have Items for Tech-Loving Travellers

To many, the very idea of travelling without having your modern devices by your side is blasphemous.

This is particularly the case for today’s tech-loving generation; a generation that sees the wonders of constantly staying in touch with the world and understands the ability that technology has to bridge international gaps. “Look, it’s the Angkor Wat! Let me just post a picture of it on Instagram,” is along the lines of what you would expect someone from this generation to say.

Fortunately for the tech-savvy and tech-loving traveler, the circumstances of today allow traveling to be done without being distant from any form of modern technology. In many cases, having a piece of tech with you while travelling—like a GPS device or a smartphone—might even make your journey more memorable.

Riding on this change, GOASEAN—with assistance from our friends at Lazada and Wiyo—would like to provide you with a few ideas on items that could help you on your travels if you plan to go on your adventures without leaving your devices behind. Depending on how they are used, these items could safeguard your devices and help make your travels much more convenient in a various way.

On that note, welcome to the terrific terrain of tech-related treats!

1. Booklights

Source: Lazada Malaysia

While book lights may appear to be only a book lover’s best friend, they are actually capable of doing more than just illuminating books in the dark. Many book lights come today with clips that allow them to be placed on laptops, thus shedding light on both your screen and keyboard when you need it most. The best part? These small but powerful lamps are usually light and foldable, making them easy to carry around regardless of where it is you’re traveling to.


2. SmartWatch


Smartwatches make it easier to keep track of happenings in the digital world, especially in terms of what is being received and perceived by your smartphone. They also come equipped with additional functions like a barometer and pedometer, thus allowing you to have a centralized point of contact from which you can constantly stay updated while travelling.

Some are water resistant too, so you will not have to worry about them getting wet and damaged. Additionally, certain smartwatches are capable of safeguarding your phone from being stolen, as they will alert you when your phone goes too far out of range to be detected.


3. Luggage Scale


Source: Lazada Malaysia
Say goodbye to the days of traditional heavy weighing scales and tediously holding up your bags while standing on a scale to be weighed, and open the doors of your life to the wonders of portable digital luggage scales instead. These little devices are a handy way to keep track of the weight of your luggage, especially if you’re travelling across a range of destinations consecutively or are simply on a long-term trip.


4. Travel Adaptor


Source: Lazada Malaysia
The more attached you are to your technology, the handier you will find a travel adaptor. These little gadgets are your portal to electrical ports around the world and are easily capable of powering up your devices in all—if not most—countries across the world. Some combine a few socket variations into one device, but if you prefer to have one adapter for each region, you can find individual ones in most hardware, electrical or gadget stores as well.


5. Luggage Cover


Source: Lazada Malaysia
While your luggage should be able to protect most of the belongings you store within it, there is no harm in having an extra layer of protection—and that is precisely what a luggage cover provides. Wrapping your bags up in these arms your valuables with a greater degree of security, especially if you happen to be carrying a notable number of gadgets or modern devices in your bags. They also make your luggage easy to spot in airports as well.


6. Tracking Device


Source: Lazada Malaysia

As the name suggests, these devices make it easy to keep track of your belongings, particularly bags in which you carry your devices.  Some of these devices can even be synchronized with each of your gadgets to keep track of them, alerting you whenever these items are out of range or cannot be detected. What better way to keep an eye—and an almost invisible one, at that—on your precious devices?


7. Portable Internet


Source: Lazada Malaysia
Bid farewell to your days of being able to connect to the internet abroad only when in cafes or shopping malls. With devices like Wiyo’s rentable portable internet provider, you can stay connected constantly to the digital and online world at extremely cheap rates with unlimited amounts of data. Besides that, Wiyo WiFi can also be shared by up to 5 users at the same time. Need to immediately post a picture of something you saw in Vietnam, stay connected with your friends and family or update your status regarding your travels in Cambodia? Wiyo WiFi has got you covered.

Find this too good to be true? Head on over to Wiyo’s page and have a closer look, especially before booking a trip to Southeast Asia!


8. Sporty Laptop Bag


Source: Lazada Malaysia

There is no underestimating the value of a good laptop bag, especially when traveling. But what if you could have a laptop bag that is rugged and sporty enough to tough it out in the great outdoors without hurting the health of your devices? Certain sportswear and sporting gear purveyors have a large array of such bags—and having one on your side can certainly do you no harm!

There you have it! Eight items that will make travelling much more convenient for you and your beloved modern devices. If you’re interested in discovering more ideas, why not head over to Lazada or Wiyo?

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