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8 Best Pet Cafés in ASEAN

We explore pet-friendly cafés from Bangkok to Phnom Penh for cat and dog lovers all across Southeast Asia.

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8 Best Pet Cafés in ASEAN

We explore pet-friendly cafés from Bangkok to Phnom Penh for cat and dog lovers all across Southeast Asia.

We love pet cafés, whether it’s taking our dogs to the wonderful Ketawa Dog Friendly Café in Chiang Mai, Thailand or paying a visit to the adorable Cat Café Neko no Niwa in Singapore. The latter not only serves great coffee but have also provided a home inside the café to a small collection of what were once stray or abandoned cats. So whether you’re looking for a place to take your pet for some treats or simply want to spend quality time with a furry friend, here’s a list of the eight best pet cafés in Southeast Asia for you to choose from.


1. Cat Café Neko no Niwa, Singapore


Many cat cafés try and serve not just a great cup of coffee, but a mission statement of cat awareness issues. Cat Café Neko no Niwa takes this one step further as all the cats in the café are either adopted stray cats or rescue cats. This is in massive contrast to cat cafés like those in Japan or Korea that are mostly home to pedigree and well-preened cats. In fact, Cat Café Neko no Niwa is trying to show the world that all cats deserve love and attention, even offering cat care seminars for those interested in learning more. Its residents include adorable Miley who is uncomfortable around raised hands, Skittles who is often seen rocking an orange dicky bow and Emma, who has pristine white fur and stark blue eyes, which according to them is “a rare find–only 15% of all white cats with blue eyes are not deaf.”

Source: Instagram: Nekononiwa


2. Purrfect Cat Café, Penang, Malaysia


Between the antique Chinese shophouses that hide boutique hotels, bars and eateries in Muntri Street, George Town you’ll find the Purrfect Cat Café—a Japanese-like haven for kitties of all shapes and sizes. There are two levels to the café: the first floor acting as a kind of cat retail store with everything from mugs to t-shirts—all cat-themed of course—that builds up to the second floor where you’ll find the cats. The second floor is split up into two areas—one where the cats are free to roam and the café itself, which serves a variety of drinks and snacks with plenty of cat-themed touches, including the pillows and mugs. Our favourite part of this particular café is its number one resident, Snowy. She’s an all-white cat with an interesting aesthetic feature—she has one green eye and one blue eye. The David Bowie of felines so to speak. What’s not to love?


3. Ketawa Dog Friendly Café, Chiang Mai, Thailand


This wonderful dog-friendly café is one of our all-time favourites in Asia. The interior is stunning, with long wooden tables, hanging lights and dark grey and wooden finishing, as well as plenty of space for everyone’s dogs. The coffees are a little American in flavour and there’s a small selection of typical Thai dishes to choose from too. The sweet-cup style containers scattered around the café are dog biscuit selections; there’s plenty to choose from, just in case your dog’s a little picky.

Source: Instagram: KetawaChiangmai


4. Caturday, Bangkok, Thailand


This fantastically stylish little cat café is in a league of its own. The entire café is adorned with cutesy cat-themed decor including climbing trees and cat-themed art hanging from, and directly painted on the white washed brick walls. The café is nearly always busy and is exceptionally vibrant and just so much fun. The menu matches this fun and vibrant philosophy and includes neon rainbow crepe cake and decadent smoothies. There are baskets around the walls with cat toys in them—you’ll find everything from faux mice on fishing rods to coils of string.

Source: Instagram: Caturday Cat Cafe


5. Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery, Philippines


Source: Instagram: Whole Pet Kitchen
Not just a dog café but a pet deli and ba(r)kery too. You can visit the super cute dog cafe for a great range of treats for both you and your dog. An added bonus is the bakery, where you can indulge your best friend in bone-shaped cakes, muffins and even beefy biscotti. This is where you go when you want to completely spoil your pet!


6. Sun Ray Cafe, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore


There are plenty of great dog-friendly cafes in Singapore but we love this one as it not only has a great selection of preservatives-free meats for dogs but also a surprisingly tasty selection for dog-owners too…and the coffee is absolutely delicious. The 70-seater café is modern with two sections, one of which is closed to pets, being aware that some guests may prefer not to dine with pets. It’s definitely a great place for new dog owners to meet a few canine-loving friends.

Source: Instagram: Sun Ray Cafe


7. The Red Beanbag, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You’ll find the Australian-themed Red Beanbag in KL’s chic Publika Shopping Gallery. It’s a great breakfast spot and serves great coffees alongside western-style breakfasts—everything from Eggs Benedict to French toast. Unfortunately the café doesn’t serve much in the way of pet food, but there’s a lovely outdoor patio where your furry friend can bask in the sun while you dig into a hearty breakfast.

Source: Instagram: The Red Bean Bag


8. Cutie Cats Café, Jakarta, Indonesia


The Cutie Cats Café is something of a back-to-basics affair—a simple and friendly café filled with cats and cute decor that’s highly Japanese-oriented. There’s only a small selection of drinks and foods (all of which are good) that are better suited to snacking than a full-blown meal. The cats, climbing around the cat obstacle-course-like furniture are entirely adorable. Like the other cat cafés in Asia, Cutie Cats Café has a list of rules by which to abide when in the café—all of which are for the benefit of the cats. Where Cutie Cats is perhaps a little different is in their willingness, and desire, to share information and teach those that visit all about their cuddly feline friends.

Source: Instagram: Cutie Cats Cafe

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