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6 Theme Parks You Must Visit In Southeast Asia

Looking for the thrill of a lifetime? These are seven theme parks in Southeast Asia that can give you that - and more.

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6 Theme Parks You Must Visit In Southeast Asia

Looking for the thrill of a lifetime? These are seven theme parks in Southeast Asia that can give you that - and more.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill you get when riding a roller coaster, or that breathtaking moment.

when you reach the peak of a Ferris wheel’s rotation, is there?

This is precisely why theme parks are loved immensely across the world. They bring endless joy, countless smiles and limitless excitement to all who enter them. Let’s not forget the continuous rush of adrenaline they provide as well!

Naturally, the appeal that theme parks have is strong in Southeast Asia too. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every country in this region has its own version of a theme park; one that tirelessly fascinates and intrigues both locals and visitors. In fact, some countries even have more than one of these massive establishments – and that should testify to the notion that theme parks are very valuable investments, be it economically or socially.

In this article, we zoom in on some of Southeast Asia’s best theme parks and explain why you would not want to miss the opportunity to visit them. So, as you would do when riding a roller coaster, buckle up, sit back, relax – and above all else, enjoy the ride!

1. Universal Studios Singapore




Universal Studios Singapore (USS) needs no formal introduction, having shot to fame in the eyes of the world the very instant it opened back in 2011. With attractions that are inspired by movies that were produced or birthed by Universal Studios, this theme park is one that has no trouble getting you away from daily life and everyday routines, transporting you into some of your all-time-favourite movies instead. It is divided into seven different categories of attractions, ranging from Hollywood to Lost World to Sci-Fi City. It is a part of Resorts World Sentosa on Singapore’s Sentosa Island. To make the most of your visit here, head over to the world’s second largest aquarium and be marveled with the rice marine life on offering, via this exclusive day pass.

Major Highlights
– TRANSFORMERS The Ride (A 3D battle-themed attraction that is based on the Transformers film franchise)
– Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon (Dueling roller coasters that represents one of USS’s main offerings)
– King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round (A carousel that was inspired by the movie ‘Madagascar’)

2. LEGOLAND Malaysia



Combining a Water Park, a LEGOLAND Hotel and a LEGOLAND Theme Park, LEGOLAND Malaysia is one of the country’s most renowned theme parks and entertainment-based attractions. It was opened in September 2012 and is hailed as the very first LEGOLAND in Asia – aside from being the sixth in the world. It rests in the Nusajaya region of Johor Bahru, an area which happens to be one of Malaysia’s rising financial, economic and tourism drivers. Covering over 70 acres of land, this establishment appeals to both adults and children with its numerous offerings that are all derived from the timeless toy that started it all.

Major Highlights
– Miniland (Comprised of replicas of famous landmarks that were built with LEGO)
– Land Of Adventure (An exciting interactive journey through an Egyptian-themed envrionment)
– Water Park (Features slides, tubes and a whole collection of fun watery activities)

3. Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines

Having opened its door to the public in 1995, Enchanted Kingdom (EK) has been entertaining hearts for a long time now. It has also grown to become a feature of the Philippines that the locals are extremely proud of. As its name implies, the park’s general theme is wizardry and all things magical, which is reflected by the park’s main mascot: Eldar The Wizard.

Major Highlights
– The EKstreme Tower (Gives riders a beautiful but temporary view of the entire park, right before descending at 76 kph)
– Space Shuttle (EK’s signature roller coaster)
– Flying Fiesta (A ride that is designed to swing you towards happiness – literally!)


4. Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

When it comes to getting wet and having tremendous fun while doing it, no one does the job better than Sunway Lagoon. This theme park features a whole range of both dry and wet attractions, spread across a whopping 88 acres of land. It is especially renowned for its Water Park, which complements its Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park, and Wildlife Park closely.Just once glance at the park is enough to make it hard to believe that it was built on top of what was previously a mining land!

Major Highlights
– Vuvuzela (The world’s largest water-based attraction
– Pirate’s Revenge (Fancy hanging upside down while aboard a ship?)
– Suspension Bridge (Take a walk on Malaysia’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge)


5. Siam Park City, Thailand




Located in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, Siam Park City unites an amusement park and a water park under one roof to give visitors the best of both worlds. It caters especially to kids, and its Water Park is the place of choice – for both locals and guests – to escape hot and extremely sunny days in Bangkok. Its attractions are generally divided into five sections: Water Park, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World, and Small World.

Major Highlights
– Vortex (One of the largest suspended roller coasters in the world)
– Super Spiral (Imagine sliding down a three-storeyed building, only, more colourful and longer)
– Aladdin (Are you ready for your magic carpet ride?)

6. Ancol Dreamland, Indonesia

Waiting by Jakarta’s waterfront region is Ancol Dreamland, Indonesia’s version of a destination that presents entertainment and recreation at its finest. Its theme park section is made up of two distinct parts: Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World) and Atlantis Water Adventure. The former is Ancol Dreamland’s amusement park, while the latter is a water theme park.

Major Highlights
– Ice Age Arctic Adventure (Follow the characters from the Ice Age movie franchise on an adventure through the park!)
– Tornado (Are you ready to spin like never before?)
– Water Outbond (A tiny obstacle course that promises nothing but wetness and fun)

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