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5 Unique Hotels in Southeast Asia

You certainly will not be forgetting your stay in any of these 5 quirky Southeast Asian hotels anytime soon!

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5 Unique Hotels in Southeast Asia

You certainly will not be forgetting your stay in any of these 5 quirky Southeast Asian hotels anytime soon!

Hotels no longer come in just the form of high-rise buildings and sprawling apartment blocks. With tourism booming across Southeast Asia today, hotel owners are pulling away from conventional arrangements and jumping head first into weird, whimsical and wonderful ideas instead. This, of course, is perfectly understandable—for the more unique the theme of your hotel, the more memorable an impact it will have on the lives of your guests!

This list brings together some of Southeast Asia’s most unique hotels, with quirky themes or design schemes that promise to fill your time in the region with intrigue and excitement. They may even plant in you the urge to come back over and over again, so do prepare yourself for such a temptation.

However, finding a memorable residence is only one part of the equation.

More often than not, it is what you do in your residential space that truly defines your experience—which is why we would like to equip you with a set of tricks to help make your hotel stay easier and much more pleasant! Just spare a few moments to listen to Jonathan Putra—one of GOASEAN’s hosts—as he walks you through a few ‘Hotel Hacks’ from GOTravel’s What The HACK segment below.

Now that you’re armed with your hacks, prepare to be intrigued by a collection of hotels that you might just mistake for being a part of another world—but are, in actual fact, simply Southeast Asian.

(Article Cover Image Credit: Zhukov Oleg / Shutterstock.com)

1. Hang Nga Guesthouse (Vietnam)

Though it may look like it has been pulled straight out of a fairy tale, Hang Nga Guesthouse is certainly quirky and odd in all the right ways. Also known as ‘Crazy House’, this building is truly a work of art—and it will take you back to your childhood by making you feel like you are in the heart of a rainforest that is found only within a child’s imagination!

WHERE: 03 Huynh Thuc Khang St., Ward 4, Dalat City, Vietnam

A CLOSER LOOK: Crazy House

2. Container Hotel (Malaysia)

"/Image Credit: Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s Facebook Page
It is often said that the best things in life come in small packages, and The Container Hotel in Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur is no exception to this. With a modern industrial theme, check yourself into your very own container—yes, you read right—for a night or two! This eco-friendly alternative to traditional hotel rooms provides you with all the features you may desire for a pleasant stay, including Wi-Fi in every room! It may not be perfect for long-term stays, but The Container Hotel easily makes a good place to grab a couple of nights of undisturbed rest—until you can no longer contain the excitement of beginning your next adventure!

WHERE: No. 1, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Also available in the Malaysian cities of Penang and Ipoh)

A CLOSER LOOK: Container Hotel Kuala Lumpur

3. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge (Cambodia)

Source: https://www.instagram.com/globalbasecamps/

At one point in our lives or another, we have all sat drooling over postcard images of floating bungalows stretched out over dazzling turquoise waters. Now, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia’s Koh Kong gives you the chance to experience such a grand sight in person. As it generally comes with a substantial price tag that gives backpackers the shivers, many adventurers who travel on a budget completely dismiss the idea of staying here. However, if you feel like treating yourself to a few lavish nights in paradise, this hotel is all you need.

WHERE: Koh Andet Island, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia (Only accessible via boat)

A CLOSER LOOK: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

4. Sharma Springs (Indonesia)

Image Credit: Sharma Springs Official Website
Tree houses and eco-resorts are popping up all across Southeast Asia, inviting guests to get back in touch with nature and enjoy the serenity of staying amongst trees. Sharma Springs takes you one step further, however, with an awe-inspiring six-storey eco-resort in the heart of the wilderness! Made entirely of black and white bamboo, guests get the chance to be one with nature whilst having all necessary modern comforts within the relaxing confines of this bamboo house.

WHERE: Sibang Gede, Bali, Indonesia

A CLOSER LOOK: Sharma Springs

5. Keemala

Stay in a resort where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the rainforest amidst lush flora atop rolling hills overlooking Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea in Phuket. Keemala Resort features 38 pools and focuses on nature and wellness. It offers four types of villas: clay, tree, tent and bird’s nest!

WHERE: Phuket, Thailand


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