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11 places to Get Your Supper Fix in Southeast Asia

" alt="11 places to Get Your Supper Fix in Southeast Asia"/>

11 places to Get Your Supper Fix in Southeast Asia

You’ll certainly sleep better with a warm meal in your belly-there’s no doubt about that. So, throw all that talk about not eating before you hit the sack out the window as you indulge in your midnight cravings! The only question is, where do you go?


Kim Lian Kee Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

via www.nit.com.my

Serving up Hokkien mee, this restaurant represents a timeless classic in the city’s Chinatown. Founded in 1927, this eatery is now mainly run by Uncle Lee. What sets this place apart is that their sizzling noodles is served with a cracked egg on top! The heat from the noodles cooks the egg ever so slightly, while maintaining its ooziness. This perfectly soaks up the gorgeous thick sauce and binds everything together, creating a beautiful texture in the process. To treat yourself to a yummy feast before the day comes to an end, follow the unmistakable aroma of charcoal and ask Uncle Lee for the best Hokkien mee!


River South Prawn Noodles, Singapore

via www.thefatchemist.com

There’s a saying in Singapore, “if you need a good supper, just ask a taxi driver”, and you can be sure this spot is on the list. The broth is essential to the dish, and River South perfectly embodies this. With a secret chilli paste, the broth certainly packs a punch, so bring along some tissues to wipe your sweat off your forehead. Along with succulent prawns and a generous serving of noodles, share a bowl or be ‘shelfish’, and slurp one down by yourself. Either way, prawn noodles make the perfect midnight snack!


Capitol Satay Celup, Malacca

via www.heartlandertourist.wordpress.com

This eatery serves up one of the city’s signature dishes and the ultimate street food, seafood on a stick, a.k.a. satay celup. With plenty of skewered options, from fresh tiger prawns, cuttlefish and shrimp, to fish balls, mushrooms and fried bean curds, this place offers a treat for every palate. Just choose your toppings, dip your skewers into a hot pot with flavourful peanut sauce and let it cook, while you enjoy Malacca’s vibrant scene.


Sarah’s, Quezon City

via lahatsarap.blogspot.my

Operating since 1969, this place serves up wonderful home cooked meals that are bound to satisfy your supper cravings. When you’re here, try the popular “pancit canton”, a Filipino version of the Chinese chow mien, or tossed noodles. Assorted vegetables, along with generous amounts of shrimps or a protein of your choice are initially stir fried. Then, noodles are added, left to gently cook in chicken broth, and are topped with some soy and oyster sauce for that extra depth of flavour. Once you’re done, give in to your sweet tooth with Sarah’s halo-halo. This desert is a local favourite, made up of shaved ice, evaporated milk, coconut, sago, fruits and ice cream of course!


Koo Boo Kafe, Penang

via www.travelje.com

Ever felt like exploring the world but you simply don’t have 80 days? Well, head over to Bayan Lepas and indulge in “nasi tujuh benua”, or the “seven continents rice”. The dish consists of seven varieties of rice, including white, herbed, oiled, spicy buttered, tomato, groundnut and the vanilla of Southeast Asia, pandan. Eaten with side dishes such as fried anchovies, fish curry and squid sambal, this colourful dish promises to provide a feast for both your eyes and tummy!


Mercato Centrale, Taguig

via www.ednything.com

This popular market comes alive with hungry diners looking for a supper fix. Opened on Fridays and Saturdays, this place serves up everything from classic Filipino dishes to mouth-watering international eats. For the former, try the ever-popular “isaw”. This crispy, barbecued chicken intestine is best eaten with some vinegar for that added kick.

If you’re up for a something different, check out the vast Mexican food offerings, with tasty tacos, big burritos and quality quesadillas on the menus.



via www.thefoodscape.com

Bored of your Indomie with sausages or plain ol’ fried chicken? Then, head over to this 24-hour café and check out their wagyu beef served with the classic noodle! Topped with crispy shallots and a fried egg that’s still gooey in the middle, this is the ultimate comfort food for those late nights. If you’re looking to bulk, hit the extra carbs with the nasi goreng wagyu. If you’re a weight watcher, then the wagyu sandwich should fit the bill without compromising on taste.


Kedai Mamah Eha, Bandung

via Twitter – Kedai Mamah Eha

Often visited by Indonesian celebrities, this humble establishment prides itself on beautiful home-cooked meals. Rice forms the large part of the menu over here, and it goes best with spicy green sambal, alongside hearty servings of chicken side dishes. If the sambal is too hot to handle, then try the special mango pulut. With generous slices of sweet mango, sticky rice and a delectable coconut sauce, it’s probably time to give in to your dirty desert desires.


Saeng Chai Pochana, Bangkok

via www.eatingthaifood.com

If you’re craving for late-night seafood, then this restaurant is the place to go. This eatery dishes out appetizing Thai and Chinese inspired meals, that are perfect to soak up the after effects of a night on the drink. Steamed, deep-fried, or stir-fried, it is safe to say that the extensive menu caters for every palate and wallet. A must haves here is the “pla gao tod grateim prik Thai”, better known as the deep fried Grouper with garlic and pepper. The fish is tender on the inside and wonderfully crispy on the outside, thanks to the generous amount of crunchy garlic which wonderfully perfumes the fish. The addictive black pepper then packs a punch and brings both the dish and the diners bursting with life.


Utopia, Luang Prabang

via perfectoutings.com

This bar is often regarded as the one city’s liveliest hangout spots, especially when the sun goes down, as it offers beautiful views of the Nam Khan river. Wind down after a long day of travelling with a refreshing smoothie, a hearty burger and a chilled local beer, or a classy cocktail of your choice. Utopia is a traveller’s heaven but a guidebook’s worst nightmare as it can be very tricky to find. Your inner Indiana Jones will be put to the test, but once you do get there, it sure to be well worth the quest.


Red Piano, Siem Reap

via YouTube – Wolf Adventures

Located in the heart of the city’s Pub Street, this restaurant offers you the chance to soak up the buzzing atmosphere while enjoying a late-night feast. The Red Piano burst onto the scene courtesy of Angelina Jolie, who was a frequent visitor during her all-action Lara Croft days, inspiring the creation of the Tomb Raider cocktail. Sticking true to its Khmer roots, this spot serves up local favourites such as “beef lok lak”, and a variety of continental comforts. If you’re up for something a little more adventurous, then head out on the streets and try some crispy Cambodian creepy crawlers, which coincidentally, are located opposite of the cocktail carts, perfect for you and your mates to cheers, chug and chew.


Be it age-old restaurants serving up classic dishes or modern eateries dishing out local favourites with a twist, these places promise to keep you fuelled even in the wee hours. More importantly, don’t forget to share your midnight food-hunting adventures with friends and family, as you too can be a Supper Hero.


Written by: Sandeep Dhanoa

Sandeep Dhanoa is a content intern at GOASEAN, is pursuing a major in Communications at Monash University Malaysia. KL born and bred, Sandeep believes “tomato ketchup should no longer exist in our lives”.

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